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EF Commander 19.01 Multilingual Full Version

A comprehensive and easy-to-use file manager specifically designed to meet the needs of novice and professional users

Depending on your work domain, file management can be difficult and a time consuming process. Fortunately, there are already various special applications that aim to make it easier. EF Commander is one that provides a powerful set of tools to help you clean, organize, and manage your files and folders.

Easy and easy to use

The installation process does not cause difficulties, some clicks provide complete deployment on your system. Apart from your previous experience with file management software, you can quickly accommodate EF Commander because of its simple but smart design.

There are two explorer panels available so you can easily navigate to the desired location and manage files. All features provided by the context menu are also available here, so you can easily copy, move, delete or edit files.

Various tools are ready to help you

It takes time to review all applications offered. Even though it comes in a lightweight package, it manages to place the various choices you want. All computer power features are available from the main window.

Get instant access to operating system features

In addition, you can find shortcuts to some features of your operating system, such as the control panel, command prompt or even recycle trays. You can connect to an FTP server or another computer that is connected to the same local network to manage files remotely.

Secure your documents with an encryption tool

Some special features are also available. This application allows you to keep your files safe for encryption using a password. In addition, files can be separated and combined, sent via email, packaged using an integrated filing tool and batch renaming.

Combining work with leisure

Disk drives can also be controlled, with formatted options or changing drive letters. In addition, files and folders can be compared with special features. This application is also equipped with a media player so you can enjoy your favorite songs when saving files.


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EF Commander 19.01 Multilingual Full Version

EF Commander 19.01 Multilingual Full Version

EF Commander 19.01 Multilingual Full Version
EF Commander 19.01 Multilingual Full Version

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