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Malicious software or Malware may be harmful to your computer and may spread from one computer to another without user's knowledge. The constant improvement of broadband and other means of Internet connection have also made these harmful softwares more powerful. For this reason, computers should be armed with RegRun Suite.

RegRun Warrior - Removing rootkits is best done from the outside!
  • RegRun Warrior offers you a way to quickly detect and remove hidden rootkits/viruses/malware from your computer using the special boot CD.
  • Put the Warrior CD into your CD-drive and restart your computer!
  • Warrior automatically scans your computer and gets back to the normal Windows mode.

RegRun Suiteperforms three main tasks:
  • Makes backups of the registry and important files. Restores a computer even if it does not boot.
  • Detects viruses in your computer.
  • Removes viruses from your computer.  

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